Bruce Harris

"Ingram Publisher Services had a great success with a wildly expensive ($625) cookbook series (Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking) created by Nathan Myhrvold, the former Microsoft executive. Perhaps lost in the reporting of that story is the fact that Myhrvold’s first stop was to engage Bruce Harris, the former Publisher of Harmony Books and a former Random House sales executive. Harris has “publisher” in his DNA, and he undoubtedly shaped key decisions, probably including engaging Ingram in the first place, let alone directing their activites, that were instrumental to the success of the project."
-- The Shatzkin Files - The Idea Logical Company Blog.

Bruce Harris has had an illustrious career in publishing: President of Sales and Marketing at Random House, Publisher-COO at Workman and founder of Harmony Books. In the last three years Bruce has guided three independently published books to best-seller status.

"Publishing today seems to be divided between naked self-publishing or the traditional publishing house route, but I have found countless exciting new alternatives for both traditional and digital books, which give authors and publishers innovative new strategies to reach readers.   For me, content really is king; I can get passionate and sell the @#*$ out of books that I really believe in.  The key is a realistic budget, a focused publishing plan, an enthusiastic team and the time to get things right."

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by Ram Dass by Don and Renee Martin by Colin Powell by Douglas Adams by Dennis Bakke by Patricia Schultz by Maurice Sendak by Martha Stewart by Nathan Myhrvold by Henry S. Lodge

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